You provide the facility, Fit New Generations will take care of the rest. These best-in-class STROOPS Fitness Performance Courses are lead and designed for success. As a host facility, Fit New Generations will support your business with the education you need to increase member retention, drive revenue and increase your marketability.  Lead the fitness market and host a course today!


Host Facility Benefits
  • One complementary STROOPS VITL kit ( value $159.99 )
  • Marketing support through our social media and web-site during workshop or event promotion
  • Support from your STROOPS Regional Specialist on how to develop a successful STROOPS training program at your facility.


Host Facility Requirements
  • 7-9 feet in height, with 5-10 feet width of workout space each and structurally comfortable to accommodate 12 to 24 participants. (30 by 30 room) 
  • Proximity to a major city with near hotels and restaurants available.
  • Quiet space, comfortable and conducive to learning.
  • Facility available on a Saturday or Sunday for approximately 9 hours. (e.g., 8:30am to 5:30pm)
  • Sufficient parking and/or public transportation available.
  • At least one location staff member to assist on the day of the course.
  • Willingness to partner and work with Fit New Generations LLC. to create a successful and educational experience for everyone using our STROOPS equipment.
  • Facility owns at least 1 authentic STROOPS Fitness products for use during the course.
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