This is the ultimate tool for building core strength, balance, flexibility, and upper body strength on your clients or as your personal fitness tool to take anywhere.
Made in the U.S.A., our lightweight, portable, scientifically engineered Fit Stik Pro Bar consists of a 43" long handle with professional grade grips and swivel eyelets that attach to our patented Slastix (one or both sides at a time). Fit Stik Pro Bar creates resistance while you engage in exercises and movements that mimic real-world activities and  also Sports performance through multiplanar movements.
Learn how to apply the proper functional movements suitable for Sports, Fitness and Rehab, safety prevention topics, and physical comprehension in a 5 hours hand on practice class within Miami-Dade county area.
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Fit Stik Pro Bar is sale separately. Not included in the course price.
Participants will be provided with the proper FSP Bar and theory material during the course. 
Registration cost $49.95
Include Certificate of completion


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